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Low tech perspectives in a high-tech world

In January of 2009 I began a project I'd been thinking about for a decade. The idea was to write essays documenting the old, low-tech, and beautiful places and things that still exist here and there in and around Silicon Valley. I wrote about everything from common things found in my kitchen (functional and edible) to almost- and already-obsolete tools like typewriters. I wasn't being anti-tech, but pro-(low) tech: in the very first post, I wrote

... I myself like computers and the associated tools. I like the computer I am writing on, and do not intend to bite the hand that allows me to publish these words so easily. But I do NOT want to write about such things. There is no shortage of words written about tech. Here in Silicon Valley ... it's important to pay attention to the low tech things that survive ... these artifacts haven't been rendered obsolete because they serve humanity just fine, even if they are not superstars of progress.
So over the course of a couple years I wrote fifty essays about the kinds of things and places that stand in opposition to the overwhelming flood of leading-edge tech that I am surrounded by. I loved the writing and where it took me. At the end of the project, I set up this page because my blogging software failed me. For all its push-button convenience, there's no easy way to turn a reverse-chronological journal (a.k.a., a blog) into easy to navigate collection of essays.

Good thing I know a little HTML.
"... a fantastic celebration"
One of my very favorite blogs is an astounding achievement by my friend Dave. It is brilliant for many reasons, but most of all because it is - and I love this, wherever I find it - an embodiment of the thing it describes. Which is to say that Dave writes as a high-tech person about the benefits of slowing down, and he does so slowly. When I see a fresh post in my RSS reader, I (first) exalt, and (then) check the clock and the level of my beverage. Because a fresh post on (low) tech writer means a substantial investment of time."
--Mike Stavlund

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Some (low) tech writer essentials

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